Taste of BC announces RAS partnership with PR Aqua

Blue Star subsidiary to build new 1,500 tonne RAS fish farm.

Taste of BC Aquafarms, a subsidiary of Blue Star Foods, announced in a press release on Thursday that it has selected PR Aqua as the technology provider for its planned 1,500 tonne RAS fish farm.

“We have worked with PR Aqua for many years, they were the team that helped us build our initial 80 tonne steel-head salmon farm and were instrumental as R&D partners to design and implement what has been a very successful first project”, said Steve Atkinson, Founder of Taste of BC.

“We believe their team are some of the best in the business, and are thrilled to continue to work with them as we look to scale our combined technology for our next phase of development for the Second Facility.”

PR Aqua, based in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island is a leading aquaculture design and technology provider. The company has grown into one of North America’s most important supplier of water treatment and fish handling systems.

Taste of BC already operates the oldest continuously operating RAS full grow-out salmonid farm in North America. The company was acquired by Blue Star in December 2020, as reported in SalmonBusiness.


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