Tax shock stops Norway’s largest hydrogen-powered service boat

Aslak Berge

AQS and NSK have agreed to put “project hydrogen” on hold. This comes amid the uncertainty surrounding the consequences of the resource rent taxation imposed on fish farmers.

The plans are ready for Norway’s largest hydrogen-powered service boat. This vessel, the 24 meter long “AQS Hydro”, would have replaced a similar vessel with approximately 250,000 liters of diesel consumption. The vessel is planned on the basis that a large-scale construction of a hydrogen hub along the Norwegian coast will now begin.

“Against the background of the uncertainty surrounding how the proposed scheme will have an impact on AQS, this is put on hold. We cannot take this investment at the present time as the uncertainty is too great,” Kristian K. Hjertvik, general manager of the service shipping company AQS, told SalmonBusiness.

“We fear that our biggest customers for the future will take the investments ‘in house’ because of the deduction scheme, and that this could lead to tougher living conditions for the service boat companies and our suppliers.”

“And not least, the investment in greener technology will generally move forward more slowly because of this. The seafood industry is the industry that invests most heavily in green technology. Do we have the time and money for this environmentally? Which industry will the hydrogen hubs sell their hydrogen to in the future, if the farming industry does not invest in that direction?” Hjertvik asked rhetorically.

Flatanger-based AQS is also stopping its planned conversions of existing boats. The plans are ready for the conversion of four existing boats to battery hybrid operation.


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