‘Technical failure’: Well boat capsizes at quay

Editorial Staff

“It was at an angle of 45 degrees, and leaning against the quay.”

A 40-metre well boat capsized on Friday evening at Solstrand shipyard in Tomrefjord, Norway, with early indications pointing to a technical failure.

The ship at the centre of the incident, Sea Trout is operated by Villa Smolt, one of five smolt producer acquired by Arne Geirulv, a long-time board member of the Russian farming company Inarctica, after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, according to Norwegian aquaculture news site iLaks

The police received notification of the accident at 10.18pm, according to Norwegian broadcaster NRK. Responding to the situation, the fire brigade, assisted by four vehicles, collaborated with shipyard personnel to secure and stabilize the capsized vessel.

The police, reported no injuries or material damage from the incident. The vessel had one individual on board at the time of the capsize.

By 23.25, the boat was stable and secured, according to the local fire service. The vessel, initially leaning at a 45-degree angle against the quay, was righted after counter-flooding the opposite tank.

Following an initial assessment, the police suspect a technical failure involving a bottom hatch as the cause of the incident.

The police, after arriving at the shipyard and ensuring the situation was under control, concluded their involvement around midnight, following discussions with the manager of the shipyard.