Telemark company’s hatchery kit sold to Leroy


A company in Telemark Norway claims to have developed a new compartmentalized method of running a hatchery, reports the Telen.

Leroy Seafood and supplier, Idea Plast, have penned a deal for the delivery of two hatchery facilities.

“For Leroy, it’s been important to create a system where disease and poor genetic material don’t spread,” product developer, Rune Tveiten, told the newspaper.

“That’s why we have now arrived at an improved system, where eggs from just one fish are poured into one hatching tub. That means a fish that’s sick or has poor genetic material can easily be separated out by sterilizing just the one tub. Having mixed ova from several fish in the same tub can be costly,” he said.

Tveiten said that while Leroy will get two Idea Plast systems installed, options were agreed for from six to eight more.

Leroy was reportedly not happy with a hatchery system delivered from abroad, and the new systems will ensure clean inlet water, with effluent sent to a controlled treatment facility.