Ten percent salmon price drop

Full stop in the market.

“There is a downward pressure now,” says an exporter to SalmonBusiness.

“There is, as we have been talking about for a few weeks, more and more volume. As of now, it is the big ones (fish farmers) that have the volume, but it is coming more and more from the smaller players as well. In addition, there is a wide market with hot temperatures,” he says, referring to the heat wave in Southern Europe. [factbox]

“As it stands now, the price is 80-82 kroner (EUR 7.8-8.0) for 3-4 kg, 82-84 kroner (EUR 8.0-8.2) for 4-5 kg and 87-88 kroner (EUR 8.5-8.6) for 5-6 kg.”

Deep fall
“It is a little less availability of 5-6 kg than 3-5 kg. At 6+, I would say 90-95 kroner (EUR 8.8-9.3) – all depending on how big a fish you actually have and what market you place it in. The China fish gets much higher prices,” he points out.

That means a deep price fall – around one euro lower than last Friday.

“It has been a rough week for those who had a lot of fish. We were lucky and sold out early. But it has been a week where the price has fallen from day to day,” he notes.

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Several independent sources refer to prices around the mid or lower 80s (EUR 8.5) for the coming week.

“It is a combination of downsizing in Europe; we come from a sky-high level, and you do not upload your inventory if you know you will get cheaper fish in the coming weeks,” says a trader.

He refers to prices between 78 and 81 kroner (EUR 7.6-7.9) for fish between three and six kilos. The big salmon stays around 90 kroner (EUR 8.8), he adds.


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