The auction continues: NTS buy licence for € 17.3m

Aslak Berge

The purchased growth is equivalent to one ordinary fish farming license.

Midt-Norsk Havbruk (MNH), a subsidiary of Oslo-listed salmon farmer and shipping company NTS, has today bought 780 tonnes MAB (maximum authorised biomass), equivalent to one food license concession, for EUR 17.3 million in the current auction at the Ministry of Food and Fisheries.

Earlier today it was known that 11,879 tonnes of new production capacity had been sold through the auction, which accounts for around 77 percent of the total license capacity for sale. 3,480 tonnes of capacity remained after the auction had run for two days.

The growth is earmarked in the production area of Nord-Trøndelag, Central Norway, the company said in a stock exchange announcement today.

MNH owns 12,076 tonnes MAB, which includes R & D permits of 1,000 tonnes and development licenses of 3,120 tonnes.

“The purchase will be a nice addition to existing MTB,” NTS writes in a comment.


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