New CPO joins AquaShip

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Åge Molvik joins the company as new Chief Project Officer (CPO).

“Large projects, both newbuilds, conversions and other vessel upgrades are vital parts of our business, and we are very eager to have Åge Molvik lead our project department. He will manage a dedicated department responsible for planning, execution, and delivery of all vessel projects,” Aquaship wrote in an announcement.

Molvik brings a broad and extensive experience to AquaShip, and has held several management positions at Shell over the last 16 years. Prior to that he has been sailing as cadet, officer and captain.

“We are thrilled to have Åge Molvik join AquaShip. He complements our strong performance-oriented culture, and we believe his impressive reputation for execution and achieving results makes him the right choice to lead our projects department”, says Sverre Taknes, CEO of AquaShip.

The new CPO is already well acquainted with the complex challenges of the projects and has displayed a significant force and energy in driving the projects forward.

“I’m very excited to be part of the AquaShip team. Correct focus and drive to continue the development of a strong project organization will be important,”  Molvik says.

One of the key delivery points Molvik wants to focus on in the future is contract management and execution of control of the projects, where we build relationships with critical stakeholders.

“We want to add value internally and to our clients, in any region they are located”.

AquaShip is a result of a merger between GripShip and Johnson Marine, with the subsequent acquisition of Artic Shipping in October 2018, and the acquisition of Salmon Star and Gerda Sæle in October 2019.

AquaShip operates vessels within all five major maritime aquaservice segments; live-fish-carriers, harvest vessels, service vessels, fish feed carriers and utility vessels. The shipping company has vessels and operations in Chile, Scotland/Orkney/Shetland, Norway, Ireland, Iceland and Canada.


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