The Easter salmon price goes sideways

The seasonal price increase before Easter does not occur this time.

“The Norwegians do not like to see the currency gain to benefit others. That’s what it’s all about now,” says a fish importer to SalmonBusines.

“Prices in NOK are unchanged, if you ask me.”

The market is in an exceptional state, especially buyers of fresh salmon.

A war
“Fresh fish buyers, not processing, are usually buyers just before Easter. And they are “dead” now. The markets are only getting smaller and smaller. Foodservice is gone. Retail is only getting smaller and smaller. It is a war to trade fish. It’s been many years since I’ve worked so much to get fish out,” he says, before adding: “But that’s the way it is for everyone.”

The market so far today is described as awaiting, with low trading volumes.[factbox]

“Customers want have the price down, while the farmers want it up since they are used to Easter being overpriced,” says a trader.

“About 50 kroner (EUR 4.4) on average. Big fish is a few kroner lower than 3-5 kilos,” he says of the salmon price.

That means a stable price level from last Friday.

“I hear it is around the NOK 50 (EUR 4.4). And then there are some optimists who say 55 kroner (EUR 4.9). There are three harvesting days, and many days off,” says another.

Other players see a slight rise in prices.

“I think it’s a krone or two up. To 52 kroner (EUR 4.6),” says one exporter.

He emphasizes that there is a good balance between supply and demand – and has been there all week.

“We expect things to go well next week. We have been paid these prices. We harvest both Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We are very satisfied,” he says.



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