The first 2022 salmon is sold at prices €1.5/kg above the level one year ago

The price level from Christmas contiunues in the first week of January.

”Slow market. Customers say there is low demand in Horeca due to covid – the restaurants are closed. France is challenging, hospitals are kneeling. England too, they say. We have bought at 60 kroner (EUR 6) for 3-4 kg and 61 kroner (EUR 6.1) for 4+ kg. We have bought and sold back to back,” said a buyer to SalmonBusiness.[factbox]

”But it’s not bullish. Shipping is becoming more expensive, electricity prices are rising, inflation is eating up purchasing power across Europe. Everything is getting more expensive, not just the salmon. The EUR/NOK is 9.98 now, that is 22 points just since last Friday. It’s a krone just there.”

”But 60 kroner (EUR 6) is a good price. We must not forget that,” he pointed out.

It is at least EUR 1.5, or 33 percent, higher than what the salmon was sold at a year ago. In a corona-marked market and a farmgate price near break-even, of EUR 4.5/kg.

A number of market participants SalmonBusiness has spoken to after lunch on Thursday point to a price of around EUR 6/kg for the first week of January. This means that there are only minor changes from last Thursday.

Small volume
”It looks like it is at 60-65 kroner (EUR 6-6.5). Large gaps, but small volume,” said an exporter.

”Prices in Europe are around 58 kroner (EUR 5.8) at 3-4 kg and 59-60 kroner (EUR 5.9-6) at 4+ kg,” said another.

”It has been a Christmas week that has been challenging for many,” he pointed out, before adding: ”It is not so important what the price will be, more important to have the market with you and not be left with fish.”


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