The first salmon from Fredrikstad Seafoods will be ready for delivery in June next year

editorial staff

Status report from the company behind Norway’s first land-based salmon farm.

In May, the first smolt was released in the Fredrikstad Seafoods facility.

Managing Director Roger Fredriksen, who has many years behind him in Wilsgård Fish farming, tells Fredrikstad Blad that there is now 80-90 tonnes of biomass in one of the tanks.

“When we arrive in June next year, the weight should have increased to around 350 tonnes, and then the Øra factory will deliver the first salmon to the customers,” said Fredriksen.

In about a week, smolt will also be released in the second tank. Each of the tanks should produce 700-800 tonnes of salmon per year, and have about half the quantity at any one time. The salmon farm will be operational during January.

Fredrikstad Seafood’s plant is filled with both fresh water and salt water from Glomma (Glomma has salt water in the bottom layer), but now uses the latter. According to Fredriksen, it has been more difficult than expected to purify the fresh water. Therefore, an improved freshwater treatment plant should be in place before the spring.

Fredrikstad Seafoods and the contractor Gråkjær are also in court to resolve the construction dispute. The salmon farmer demands €13 million from the Danish company.


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