The Norwegian Conservative Party accepts new tax negotiations with the government

Aslak Berge

They will take the Minister of Finance’s word for it.

Linda Helleland, Business Policy Spokesperson for the Conservative Party, expects Minister of Finance Trygve Slagsvold Vedum’s colleagues in the Storting to invite the other parties to the negotiation table, when the time is right.

“This cannot be up to the Socialist Party (SV) to decide,” she tells Salmonbusiness.

“We have every reason to encourage the governing parties to get back on track of thorough predictability, which has been the Norwegian tradition up until this day. This means that the resource rent tax should be subject to the same serious treatment as previous tax reforms.”

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“The Tax Committee’s recommendations will be available and can be submitted for broad public consultation shortly. This will provide the best conditions for broad political support in the Storting for the future model and level of taxation of Norwegian aquaculture.”

She believes that an important and a unifying national goal should be securing a tax system for the country’s second largest export industry. A system which can consist over time, even under changing governments.

“The Conservative Party of course accepts the invitation from Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum. We will help ensure that the widest majority possible can be gathered for a settlement. But the Labor Party and the Center Party must be willing to listen to the input from coastal Norway and show a willingness on making some real changes that will ensure growth, value creation and predictability for one of Norway’s most important industries,” Helleland adds.


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