The “Norwegian Gannet” christened at port of Zumaia

Aslak Berge

The first factory transport vessel will gather fish from Norwegian pens, slaughter them onboard and drive them to Denmark.

Wednesday was a big day. Not only for shipowners, directors and shipyard workers. Zumaia, a charming town on the Basque coast of Spain, was the venue for the christening of the first factory transport vessel – The Norwegian Gannet.

It was also a historic day for Balenciaga Shipyard, which is located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. After almost 20 months, 94 meters long the Norwegian Gannet was launced into water at 18.00 local time in Spain during high tide.

“The Norwegian Gannett is the largest boat the yard has built,”Hav Line Group chief executive, Carl-Erik Arnesen told SalmonBusiness. The yard was establised in 1921, and has delivered a total of 409 vessels including the Norwegian Gannet.

It was a solemn ceremony with representatives from Spanish authorities, invited guest, more than hundred shipyard workers and many people from the local community.

Also present were shipowners Sekkingstad and Haugland and their families. They were praised for their visions and initiatives in connection with the “Sea Line” method.


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