The “Norwegian Gannet” rescue mission was a success: “We even got another mission”

The CEO of Hav Line, Carl-Erik Arnesen, says that everything went as planned during the rescue operation at algae exposed Ballangen Sjøfarm.

Algae species of the group Chrysochromulina have caused major fish kills for salmon farmers in the north of Norway. Last week salmon harvesting vessel “Norwegian Gannet” went to Northern Norway to help farmers after the toxic algae attack. 

There they helped Ballangen Sjøfarm, harvesting 1.000 tonnes straight out of the sea cages. After filling the vessel, they went to the port of Hirtshals, Denmark, and delivered the fish to the newly opened Hav Line Processing, the world’s largest packing facility for salmon.

According to Arnesen, the assignment went so well that they got another job.

“”Norwegian Gannet” is heading north again to further assist the same salmon farmer. I must say that what we did was a success. The crew has done an extremely good job,” Arnesen said.


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