The price for Christmas salmon goes sideways

Maintaining last Friday’s price level.

It’s the last week before Christmas. Only four days to deliver the fish that will be on the tables during the Christmas weekend. But large movements are not to be traced in the price range in the spot market.[factbox]

“It is around 70 kroner (EUR 6.9). We can buy around 70 kroner for next week. But we must have sales. We do not buy more than we have sales for,” said a buyer to SalmonBusiness.

“No point in taking chances over Christmas. The logistics are difficult. Everything is now back to back (purchase of pre-sold fish – editor’s note),” he added.

“This week has been fantastic. But next week it will stop. We take what we need and nothing more. We should not have unsold fish,” he emphasized.

He received support from other exporters.

“69, 70, 71 kroner (EUR 6.8, 6.9, 7.0) for three to six kilos. The aviation market is better than the European market,” said one of them.

“All processing plants that are open are harvesting, only a few are closed. Most farmers will harvest next week, but it is packed.”

He sees no price increase in the last week before Christmas.

“There is a little pressure,” he said.

Others hope to get higher prices.

“We have not sold that much,” said a fish farmer. “74 kroner (EUR 7.3) at 3-4 kg, 76-77 kroner (EUR 7.5-7.6) 4-6 kg and 78 kroner (EUR 7.9) at 6-7 kg. I do not think we have sold on that, but that is what we are out with. It is at this level that we have a dialogue with the market. We have sold two trucks in the low 70s, but it is fish from this week,” he emphasized.

“The fresh market and retail are the whole difference. And they will have a great next week. But it is clear we are facing resistance at this level,” he admitted, and added that he thinks that prices will go sideways from last Friday.

Earlier today, Fish Pool was reporting record high price contracts for 2022.


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