The price of salmon continues to rise – up by 50% in two months

Aslak Berge

Highest salmon price since mid-summer.

“There are many elements that play into how aggressive the market is in getting the fish,” says a trader to SalmonBusiness.

He notes that it is early in today’s salmon trade, but does not hide the fact that there is a clear price increase from last Friday. [factbox]

“Yes, it is. The question is how much,” he says.

He gets support from several other market players.

“Many expect more fish to come next week. We notice that customers are a little more expectant at these levels. It is not easy to get it confirmed,” says one exporter.

“They don’t have that much obligation, they have produced their goods. Some totally stop. Some use freezer storage,” he says, adding:

“But there has been a hefty rise for a few weeks.”

The price has increased with NOK 20 (EUR 2) in just around two months.

“6+ has come down a bit. That’s because some big fish is coming. Some pay flat price at 4+, I’ve heard, because it’s so much 5+.”

Up by 50% in two months
Salmon prices are now close to NOK 60 (€5.9) on average. It is the highest level since mid-summer.

“56, 58, 60. It’s around there. That’s what you’re getting,” says a buyer.

“Then you get to decide how much you want to buy in the afternoon,” the buyer adds.

SalmonBusiness’ six industry sources outline the following farmgate prices for salmon to be delivered to the market over the next week:

  • 3-4 kg NOK 57-59 (€5.6-5.8)
  • 4-5 kg NOK ​​59-60 (€5.8-5.9)
  • 5-6 kg NOK 60-63 (€5.9-6.2)
  • 6+ kg NOK 60-65 (€5.9-6.4)