The salmon price remains stable for next week

Minor movement in the market.

“It has been a bit positive throughout the week, but for next week it is a notch down again. In any case, we believe so. And the farmers have accepted it,” says an exporter to SalmonBusiness.[factbox]

“We see prices of 3-4 kg at 90-92 kroner (EUR 8.8-9.0), 4-5 kg ​​at 92-93 kroner (EUR 9.0-9.1) and 5-6 kg at 95-98 kroner (EUR 9.3-9.6). At least we have bought a couple of trucks at that level now,” he points out.

It is the same price range as last Friday. It also means that a three-week price fall has stopped.

“Yes. The big ones say they are out of fish, but then there are fish anyway,” he says.

Several market participants, with whom SalmonBusiness has spoken after lunchtime on Friday, report farmgate prices around EUR 9/kg.

“Approximately 92-93 kroner (EUR 9.0-9.1) for 3-6 kg, yes,” agrees an exporter.

“The market is extremely tight. Slight decline,” comments a buyer, who is waiting for the annual decline in salmon prices throughout July.

Commodity exchange Fish Pool expects that spot prices will continue to weaken in the coming weeks. The forward price, which reflects the market’s expectations for the third quarter, is currently EUR 8.05 per kg.


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