The secret supply of salmon being flown in to fuel Norwegian goal machine Erling Haaland

Editorial Staff

Erling Haaland’s dietary preferences have long been a subject of fascination.

Manchester City’s prolific striker, Erling Haaland, is making waves both on and off the pitch as he insists on his favorite Norwegian salmon being imported to meet his special dietary needs.

Known for his unique eating habits, the 23-year-old goal machine has taken it up a notch by persuading the Premier League champions to source his superior salmon from his homeland after being left unimpressed by that on offer at the club.

An insider from the club revealed to the Mail on Sunday, “Haaland’s been banging on about the fish. He wanted salmon, so he made the nutritionist arrange for the best fish restaurant in Norway to have their kitchen staff fly over. It’s cost the club an absolute fortune – but it’s the best salmon I’ve ever had.”

Haaland’s dietary preferences have long been a subject of fascination. He maintains a daily intake of 6,000 calories, achieved by consuming unconventional foods like cow heart, liver, and specially filtered water.

Beyond his food choices, Haaland’s regimen includes ice baths and the avoidance of electronic devices before bedtime to enhance his sleep quality.

His recent salmon request has garnered praise from the UK director of the Norwegian Seafood Council, Victoria Braathen, who said, “I’m happy two of Norway’s most famous treasures have found each other in the UK. Our salmon is the world’s most popular fish, globally recognized for its quality and nutritious credentials.”


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