The towing of the €6.6m workboat “AQS Tor” has started

The tugboat “Stadt Sløvåg” has started towing the “AQS Tor” on Wednesday night, and it is now being towed to Florø, Western Norway. Expected arrival is 01.00 CET on Thursday night.

“This is great news. Now we hope the journey in will be as smooth as possible”, said technical manager Kristian Hjertvik in AQS in a press release.

Photo: “Stadt Sløvåg”

The “AQS Tor” was torn off the deck of the Dutch cargo ship “Eemslift Hendrika” in severe weather in the North Sea Tuesday.

Shipowner AQS will send its own boat, «AQS Njord», south to Florø to tow «AQS Tor» north to Kolvereid.

“Moen Marin is very pleased to have received information that the boat has been salvaged and on its way to land”, said general manager Terje Andreassen at shipbuilder Moen Marin.

“The boat has shown very impressive strength and good seaworthiness. Hopefully we will see the boat in operation for fish farmers along the entire Norwegian coast in not too long”, said Andreassen.

“We at AQS are very relieved that “AQS Tor” is under control again. At the same time, we are very excited about what will meet our and Moen Marin’s people when they come on board tomorrow”, said general manager Ove Løfsnæs in AQS.

He also sends a big thank you to Per Wilhelm Saltvedt and his people at the “Stadt Sløvåg”, with skipper Roman Antons at the helm, for an excellent operation.

Photo: Main Rescue Centre in South Norway

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