World’s largest delousing unit on display at Aqua Nor

Press release

The world’s largest delousing unit is now on show at the Aqua Nor fair in Trondheim. It is a Hydrolicer Model 6, without fish pumps and with 8 lines.

Capacity under full operation is 350-400 tonnes per hour so that an entire 160 meter cage can be delousied in about 2 hours.

The equipment is mounted on board  ‘MS Steyer’, which is 59 meters long and 15 meters wide.

Focus on big fish
This system is specially designed for delousing large fish of around 4-8 kg. The goal is to help the fish maintain strong growth even during periods of high lice pressure, especially during summer and autumn.

Fish welfare
The entire delousing system is built in a straight line without turns, which ensures high fish welfare. It is important to avoid pumps when storing systems for large fish.

The boat and the system are expected to be operational in the market during September.

Roy Strøm of Aqua Pharma and Frank Øren from Hydrolicer have collaborated closely to reach this solution. Together with Haugaland Shipping, and C-Flow, the concept has become a reality in a short period of time.


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