The world’s largest delousing vessel will be delivered to Mowi 

Editorial staff

The Smir Group has signed a contract with Mowi for the delivery of a delousing vessel.

The “Hydro Patriot” vessel is 73 meters long and 16 meters wide, and will be one of the largest delousing units in the industry. The vessel is equipped with eight Hydrolicer lines of state-of-the-art technology and is also rigged to perform other key tasks for the salmon farmer. The vessel will operate mainly for the Mowi Region North and Nova Sea.

The installation job will be done by Fiskerstrand Verft in the Western part of Norway, and the installation is estimated to take eleven weeks.

“We are very concerned about having the right capacity to meet the needs of our facilities. Gentle and effective treatment is then important so that good lice control in all plants is observed. The new vessel will be an important tool in this work, and we look forward to getting “Hydro Patriot” up and running,” says Mowi’s production manager Roger Pettersen in a press release.

Øyvind Nymark. Photo: Smir Group

Smir Group’s Øyvind Nymark is also pleased with the agreement:

“We have had a long and good relationship with Mowi. They have been our partners in the development of Hydrolicer and are central to the establishment of the system. In 2015, we launched the prototype together with Region North, and since then Mowi has had the system in their organisation as a tool for keeping control on lice levels,” says Nymark.

“Smir Group has also previously had operating and operating agreements with Mowi. A hectic period of installation and preparation now waits ahead.”

“We are proud to be trusted as a preferred supplier in such a large project and we are looking forward to get started,” says Øyvind Nymark.


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