“There is extremely high demand in all markets around the world”

Aslak Berge
The salmon market is boiling hot.

Salmon farming giant Lerøy Seafood Group presented its annual result for 2021 on Thursday morning. The company reports a huge demand in all markets with the world now reopening.

“We are currently seeing increased demand for absolutely all our seafood products. I have worked for almost 30 years in this industry and I have never seen prices like we are seeing now. There are low volumes, but at the same time, when everything reopens, we see that there is extremely high demand in all markets around the world,” said Lerøy CEO Henning Beltestad during today’s results presentation.

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“There are many who want our salmon at the moment,” he added.

At the same time, Lerøy expects zero growth in harvest volume in the market for 2022, compared with 2021.

“There is a shortage of fish in the first half of the year, but then this seems to stabilize,” he said.

“It is exciting what is happening at the moment. It is exciting to work with volatile prices, but we want a higher degree of stability when we expand markets,” Beltestad added.

PHOTO: Norwegian Seafood Council

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