Thick residue on salmon cages is salmon fat, says Northern Harvest

“We are currently addressing the clean up”.

On Wednesday, SalmonBusiness reported that on the footage acquired by CBC news, made by activists Sea Shepard, which showed sticky white residue coating nearby beaches. Aerial photos also showed thick yellow residue floating on top multiple Northern Harvest salmon cages.

Mowi Canada East Director of Communications Jason Card explained that while it was true that all salmon mortalities had been removed from all affected sites, there was still an ongoing clean up process and that 2.6 million fish that died had been sent for rendering.

Mowi Canada East Director of Communications Jason Card. PHOTO: LinkedIn

What is the residue?

“It’s salmon fat,” said Card. “We are currently addressing the clean up which we will be doing until November, but environmental monitoring will be longer”.

When was the footage taken?

“I don’t know about the timing, there are sites that are in varying states of repair and our intention is to restore all of them,” he said.

Card explained that there had been no communication with the Province’s fisheries minister Gerry Byrne in terms of reinstating its licences. “The focus is on the cleanup,” he added.


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