This is how Mowi chairman Ole-Eirik Lerøy manages his money

editorial staff

Ole-Eirik Lerøy’s largest equity investment is in Mowi, and that’ll continue to be the case going forward.

In August, SalmonBusiness reported that Mowi’s chairman Ole-Eirik Lerøy net worth reached EUR 100 million. Lerøy’s investment company Framar owns 1.5 million shares and 750,000 options in Mowi, and last year it returned 30 per-cent through rising stock price and dividends.

Lerøy himself owns almost 59 per-cent of the shares in Framar, while his wife Eva Løkeland Lerøy holds 27 per-cent. The rest of the shares are owned by children Marie and Ina. The money is managed through the company Profond, which is managed by his wife.

To the online newsservice E24, Ole-Eirik Lerøy said that around a third of the company’s investable funds are in aquaculture, and that Mowi will continue to be the family’s largest investment. The rest is invested widely.

“We have gone wide, in everything from shipping to property, and a bit in start-ups. We focus broadly and really, a little bit traditionally,” Lerøy told the publication.


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