“This is how we want to differentiate ourselves”

Aslak Berge

Start-up company throws itself into the ROV market.

Although the open ocean is just outside, it is quiet at the salmon farm “Seiskjæret” by Husvær, Helgeland, Northern Norway. Out here, the startup company Aspecto Marine has started a collaboration with salmon health experts Letsea.

The keyword is ROV. A remote-controlled underwater vehicle that helps breeders inspect the cages.

“The idea was to make it easy to carry out inspections in and out of cages,” Carl Fredrik Theimann told SalmonBusiness.

“If salmon farmers are to carry out inspections, they must rent a boat with large ROVs. It is time-consuming and costly. We should be easily accessible, 24 hours a day, with an ROV ready. And that it is an opportunity to have an ROV stationed on the feed barge that one can use for themselves – with the training and training we provide,” said Theimann.

A freshly new startup, Aspecto Marine’s founding documents were signed and the share capital paid earlier this year. They are now in an initial phase of investment and sales.

“We have three ROVs, but 15 in turn. We have ordered these and have them within 14 days. We must always have one ready – if the customer has problems with his, loses it or the like,” Theimann continued.

The ROV which can fit in a briefcase is supported by a 100m long cable. The American-made model, called the Trident, has three hours of battery life and needs one hour to fully charge the battery.

“The console screen displays images in 4k. This can be streamed to other screens. It is an Android system that can be streamed over Skype, Zoom or similar. It can also be delivered with VR (Virtual Reality – editor),” he explained.

The 26-year-old Theimann has previously worked for two years as a sailor in the wellboat company Shellsea. He is the CEO of the start-up company based in Sandnessjøen, Northern Norway.

Colleague Steinar Eriksen spent time selling for the fish exporter company Nordøy Sea in Shanghai. The 25-year-old lives in Trondheim, Norway. With them, on the team they have have serial entrepreneur and Fredrik Nordøy who has experience of a lot of different board roles.

“The most important thing is to be available and train them so that they get a benefit. We give them the product, but also the knowledge. This is how we want to differentiate ourselves,” said Eriksen.


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