This is what analysts are predicting from Mowi’s Q2

editorial staff

Investment bankers expect that Norway will be best region, while Canada is going to lose money in next quarter.

Salmon giant Mowi is expected to post an operating profit of EUR 77 million for the second quarter of 2020 with a turnover of EUR 935 million.

TDN Direkt pulled together average estimates from Infront amongst 12 seafood analysts.

Analysts expect an average harvest volume in the second quarter of 103,000 tonnes of salmon. Net income for the quarter is also expected to be EUR 0.09 per share.

Operating profit per kilo for each production region is expected to be distributed as follows:

  • Norway: EUR 1.29
  • Chile: EUR 0.20
  • Scotland: EUR 0.68
  • Canada: EUR -0.95

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