This sushi is served with salmon which is farmed and harvested in Poland

Aslak Berge

Norway’s largest salmon customer has started to produce its own fish.

An impenetrable blanket of smog lies over Warsaw. On the avenues, the afternoon rushes past. Along the high blocks 30 meters high banners hang by Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandovski. A bright star and a Polish icon.

Fresh in. A Pure Salmon and Aqua Maof salmon. PHOTO: Aslak Berge

The restaurant Tomo Sushi, in the heart of the million-habitant town, can also serve something that can make the Poles proud.

Freshly harvested from Poland. PHOTO: Aslak Berge

They are serving sushi made with Polish salmon.

Inside the country
A farm at Plonsk, a three-hour drive from the capital, has regularly supplied salmon to the exclusive sushi restaurant for the past two years.

The plant has no sea-cages and is located far inland. Almost 30 kilometers from the Baltic Sea – on a ground along the highway towards Gdansk.

Salmon farmer duo Pure Salmon and Aqua Maof own and operate the plant on a 50/50 basis. The annual production is 450 tonnes.

This week they are harvesting salmon.

SalmonBusiness was present when fish from the land-based salmon farm was served at the restaurant Tomo Sushi.

Better and better
“I’ve bought this fish for two years,” sushi chef Adrian Budzinski told SalmonBusiness.

“The first one was not so good, but they have become much better. Last year the quality has been really good. It is equivalent to Norwegian salmon. It’s tender, juicy and has nice fat marbling,” he said contentedly.

He created the most delicious dishes from sashimi and nigiri, supplemented by miso soup and green tea.

“They are surprised that it is possible to get such a quality without having had the fish in the sea”. PHOTO: Aslak Berge

“It gets better and better. Especially when taking the biggest salmon. It has more belly fat, and it is best for sushi that is eaten raw,” explained Budzinski.

The blood-fresh sashimi crunches between the teeth, just one hour after harvest.

Budzinski confirmed that the restaurant promotes the dishes as sushi of Polish salmon. Customers are reportedly very satisfied with what they are served.

“Yes, they are surprised that it is possible to get such a quality without having had the fish in the sea,” said Adrian Budzinski.

SalmonBusiness’ emissary can also confirm that the sushi was of excellent quality.


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