This tool can clean 50 meters of rope on a salmon farm cage in just seven minutes

editorial staff

The developers behind “RopeRunner” believe the concept will make everyday life for farmers and service companies easier. “This is something most people see as a crap job,” said Bamek production manager Daniel Bjørkman.

Fabricated metal products repairer Bamek has a subsidiary called Arctic Havservice that operates “RopeRunner”. The concept works with two hoses that are connected to the tool. Water comes through these hoses and flushes the ropes while controlling the water pressure as the unit moves over the rope.

The weight of the aluminium and steel structure also helps it to whack the dirt off the rope as it goes back and forth, reports Fremover.

“I’ve timed this with a stopwatch. From the time it was completed, it took seven minutes to clean 50 meters of rope,” said Daniel Bjørkman.

In addition to saving time on cleaning job, Bjørkman believes that it will increase rope longevity.

And it can also save money. It has been difficult to estimate how much the industry spends on the cleaning rope, it is estimated that it costs around EUR 10,500 per purification and per cage location. Bjørkman believes that large sums will saved if one has several cages.

Bjørkman says that the concept has been tested at service company Håløy Havservice, which has contributed to the development and with feedback.

The goal is to produce 100 units of “RopeRunner” in three years. Bjørkman said that he did not want to divulge what What the price of the tool will be at this current time.


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