‘This will make it tough for the salmon lice’

Susanne Rislå Andersen

Halsnoy Dokk has delivered a new delousing barge to combat salmon lice. 

The 30 meter long delousing barge was delivered to SinkabergHansen and Emilsen Fisk in Rorvik, Norway.

“We are pretty sure that it will make life even harder for the lice in the area,” said Frode Gronstol, managing director of Halsnoy Dokk, in a press release.

It is also a milestone in a new market for the company which is a shipping wharf, centrally situated in the Sunnhordland region in Norway.

Thrusters in all corners
This is the fifth barge that the company has provided with a mechanical delousing system. «Optimal» is the third version of Halsnoy Dokk’s proprietary barge design in the HB series.

The Hardanger shipyard’s number 125 is equipped with a double Optilicer delousing system and has thrusters on all four corners.

This ensures that the barge can self-position from reaching a location until it is ready to move on.

Room for three
The barge has capacity for a crew of three.

In 2014, Halsnoy Dokk purchased cranes for €2.5m to be able to deal with larger assignments.


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