Threat of higher taxes looms as Trump whacks Scottish salmon onto US tariff list

Scottish fillets were left off the initial list of products which the US authorities published earlier this year when they identified potential targets for tariffs. Now that has changed.

In the ongoing dispute with the EU over aircraft subsidies, the BBC reports that Scottish salmon may now be subject to higher taxes.

In April, Trump said he was ready to hit European exporters with fresh duties in retaliation against over USD 11 billion (GBP 8.4 billion) worth of damage from EU subsidies to Airbus that the World Trade Organization found caused “adverse effects” to the United States.

But in October, salmon farmers, exporters and producers breathed a (short-lived) sigh of relief as a list published by US officials on a list of potential targets left the Scottish fish off. Not so lucky was single malt whisky, now subject to a 25 per-cent tax, having been added to an initial round of tariffs.

But now, the US trade office has said it was planning further tariffs because EU subsidies to Airbus were greater than previously thought, the publication wrote.

On Tuesday, SalmonBusiness reported that Scotland salmon was leading the way in exports to the USA, with a 147 per-cent growth in demand over the last decade.

Julie Hesketh-Laird, CEO of Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation, told SalmonBusiness:

“We are disappointed to see Scottish salmon products are now on a potential target list for US tariffs.

“If imposed, these tariffs would not be in the interests of Scottish salmon farmers or the US consumer who enjoys a premium quality product from Scotland.

“We would urge early resolution of the dispute to ensure our American customers continue to have access to the world’s premium salmon.”


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