Three new partners join traceability initiative

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Seafrigo, DNV and OpsSmart Global sign new global traceability partnership ahead of Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona.

The Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) has announced the addition of three new partners—Seafrigo, DNV, and OpsSmart Global—to its network.

These companies have committed to adopting a global standard for digital seafood traceability. This partnership was revealed ahead of the GDST’s annual Plenary Session scheduled during the Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona from April 23-25.

How DNV are partnering with GDST to transform the future of seafood traceability

GDST’s network now includes over 50 partners from 15 countries, aiming to enhance seafood traceability across various sectors including fishing, processing, retail, and technology. The new partners are expected to contribute to the strategic direction of the GDST, with a focus on quality assurance, seafood logistics, and supply chain data management.

“We are thrilled to welcome our new GDST Partners and leverage their expertise to enhance the GDST Foundation’s vision for global, interoperable traceability in seafood” said Greg Brown, Executive Director of the GDST. “Their contributions will be instrumental in shaping the future of our global Standard and driving positive change throughout the seafood industry.”

Seafrigo will also join the GDST Supervisory Board as its thirteenth member, aiming to promote the GDST standards globally and enhance digital seafood traceability from harvest to consumer. The company has operations in 28 countries.

DNV’s Global Aquaculture Sales and Marketing Director, Lisa de Jager, emphasized the importance of interoperable traceability solutions.

“There will be a lot of traceability solutions out there. It’s important that these solutions are able to speak to each other. If we don’t base our traceability solution on an open platform and ensure data interoperability, we will never manage to get this harmonized,” she said.

OpsSmart brings expertise in interoperability and supply chain mapping, aiming to improve product tracking and management through enhanced visibility and transparency.

The GDST will host its Plenary Session at Fira Barcelona, coinciding with the Seafood Expo Global. The session will include discussions on advancing the global standard and sharing insights from regional working sessions held in Boston, Cape Town, and Singapore. The GDST will also moderate a panel discussion exploring the broad possibilities of information sharing through the GDST Standard.


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