To date, over 7,000 tonnes of salmon have been lost in algae bloom mass mortalilty

More salmon farms face bloom-associated mortality.

Sernapesca reports that the Los Lagos region, Southern Chile, has seen a rise in algae bloom mortality again.

Last time it was reported 3,337 tonnes in the Los Lagos region. As of 21st of April, that number has jumped to 4,460 tonnes. Authorities said that this is equivalent to 18 per-cent of active biomass in the affected area.

With 2,652 tonnes in Aysén region (which saw a decline in the bloom last week), this brings that total up to 7,112 tonnes.

Over the past few weeks, the area has been hit by a deadly toxic algae bloom. Mowi, Aquachile, Yadran, Multiexport, Granja Marina Tornagaleone and Salmones Camanchaca sites in Southern Chile have all reported losses.

Nine salmon farms in the Los Lagos region, maintain active action plans. Eight of them face bloom-associated mortality, wrote Sernapesca.


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