Tons of salmon stolen in Brazil truck heist

Truck and cargo still missing.

A truck driving from Chile containing 21 tons of salmon in containing vacuum packed boxes, valued at EUR 119 thousand, was stolen in Alegrete, southern Brazil as reported in Diarinho.

According to the trucker’s police report, the man surrendered to four bandits early Thursday morning last week, on a highway in Alegrete. The trucker was tied up in the back of the vehicle, and dropped off unharmed over 1000 miles away in Blumenau, on the Brazilian coast.

The refrigerated truck was on its way to be delivered to the company, Pioneira.

The bandits took over the truck and headed to Santa Catarina, blocking a tracker’s signal in the vehicle. However the freight company was still able to monitor where the vehicle went. Police are still looking for its whereabouts but the truck and cargo are still missing.

The cargo was being distributed by Brazilian major supplier, Pescata Distribuidora De Alimentos.


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