Trident’s 233-foot “Aleutian Falcon” caught fire at the dock

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The vessel is considered a total loss.

Trident Seafoods’ “Aleutian Falcon” caught fire at Port of Tacoma, Washington, late Wednesday, February 17, reported National Fisherman.

Tacoma Assistant Fire Chief Alex Wilsie told the Associated Press that the vessel reportedly had 48,000 gallons of fuel onboard. In addition to fuel, the processor reportedly is carrying nearly 10,000 pounds of ammonia, which is used for chilling and freezing fish.

The 40-year-old “Aleutian Falcon” is a 233-foot dedicated processing ship serving the Alaska herring and salmon seasons, according to The Maritime Executive. The vessel would typically have a crew of 120.

No injuries have been reported.

In the latest update Twitter, Tacoma Fire reported the dewatering of the vessel has been successful.

“There is still a small part of the vessel that has active heat/fire deep in the hull, and TFD will be working with the salvage company on a remediation plan,” Tacoma Fire wrote.

PHOTO: Tacoma Fire Dept

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