Troutlodge’s Isle of Man broodstock facility is “under discussion”

Troutlodge’s European Rainbow trout egg site in the self-governing British Crown dependency produce up to 50 million eggs a year – 10 per cent of all stock.

US-based Troutlodge has confirmed its main incubation centre and broodstock farm Glen Wyllin trout farm operation on the Isle of Man, UK, is “under discussion”.

The news followed the company’s decision – reported in Iom Today – that it will not renew its lease of the government-owned fish farm at Cornaa, which produces spawning crop for angling purposes.

Troutlodge, based in North West USA, is one of the world’s biggest producers of salmonid eggs as well as one of the largest private suppliers of live trout. It acquired the Glen Wyllin Trout Farm in 2007 and uses the facility to serve the European and Middle East markets. The expansion onto the Isle of Man gave Troutlodge its first production sites in Europe.

SalmonBusiness has contacted Troutlodge for more information that it may be leaving the island altogether.


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