Trump suspends all flights from Europe: will have major adverse effects

Owen Evans & Aslak Berge

Restrictions to prevent people from 26 European countries from travelling to the United States for a month. The world’s largest single buyer of salmon is closing its borders for entry from Europe.

The US President has taken dramatic steps to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Addressed the country from the Oval Office, Trump said that starting 20 March, all travel from Europe into the United States. The one country exempted will be Britain.

“I am confident that by counting and continuing to take these tough measures, we will significantly reduce the threat to our citizens, and we will ultimately and expeditiously defeat this virus,” he said.

It was believed that “trade and cargo” from Europe would also be banned, however, Trump tweeted that restriction stops people, not goods.

SAS informs E24 that they are currently planning to fly as normal on Thursday, with nine flights from Scandinavia to various destinations in the US.

“SAS is monitoring the situation continuously and will keep affected passengers updated on any changes and cancellations,” said press officer John Eckhoff.

The United States is the world’s largest buyer of Atlantic salmon, with a total volume of over 400,000 tonnes annually. The primary suppliers are Chile and Canada, but a large number of fresh airborne salmon is also be shipped from Europe. This could now stop.

The overseas aviation market for salmon in Asia has been significantly reduced, linked to reduced activity in China. Now there will be further pressure on logistics and more fish will be placed in Europe.


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