Tug has arrived at the “AQS Tor”, but is now waiting for chance to tow it

Aslak Berge

Will start tow on Thursday morning.

The tug boat “Stadt Sløvåg” has now arrived at “AQS Tor”, the service boat that was thrown off the cargo vessel “Eemslift Hendrika” on Tuesday.

In a status update from Stadt sjøtransport, it is stated that the weather is improving.

“The staff were very helpful and the room was very small. Messy sea. Significant wave height around 6m (4m swell). The weather is improving,” said the tug boat company.

Due to the movements of the boat and floating ropes, the captain has decided to await attempts at hook-up.

“AQS Tor” operates south and the seaworthiness appears to be intact. The captain now assumes that one will tow it in the morning,” the message stated.

PHOTO: Stadt Sløvåg

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