Two men die in Chile storm delivering goods to salmon farm

Two men have died delivering materials to a salmon farm in Chile.

Workers in the the “Art-Rigob” vessel were transporting cement and other building material to be transferred to a yet unnamed salmon farm the the island Quehui, in the commune of Castro, in the province of Chiloé, southern Chile.

David Marcelo Soto Burbao (46) and Marcelo Herrera Muñoz (31) have been named as victims of the accident. A third man, not yet named is believed to have survived according to the Chilean news site SurInforma.

Their vessel was hit by a storm and was sunk in the early hours last Friday, July 13. The victims were sleeping onboard when the storm fell.

The Chilean Navy have confirmed that the barge – with the registration Chonchi CHO 1837 – had authorisation for departure in force. In addition, they detailed that with the support of divers the men’s bodies could be recovered.

“The case is in the hands of the corresponding Prosecutor’s Office to order expert reports from the specialised police,” said the captain of Puerto de Chonchi, Eugenio Bosque talking to


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