Two salmon farm workboats sink, ice believed to be contributing factor

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In the early hours on Friday, two workboats owned by the salmon farmer Alsaker Group went down.

Ice is said to have been a contributing cause when two workboats and a smaller boat sank at the quay at Høle, Rogaland, Western Norway.

There was no one on board the boats when they went down, reported the news site Stavanger Aftenblad.

“There has been a dramatic ice formation at Høle. It is too early to say whether ice is the cause, we are working to find out,” Alsaker spokesperson Kristian Råsberg told the publication

The vessels are the 15m long workboat “Fuji”, built at Grovfjord Mek in 2015, and the smaller boat “Ando”. Both capsized and sank.

According to Råsberg, the salmon farming company has been in dialogue with insurance companies about salvaging them.

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