U.S. hedge fund bought 9.2% of Atlantic Sapphire

Aslak Berge

Now the second largest owner.

Evermore Global Advisors (EGA), an investment adviser to hedge fund Evermore Global Value Fund, acquired 88,775 shares of Atlantic Sapphire on September 10. Accounts allocated by the Fund already controlled 7,263,554 shares or 10.19 per-cent of Atlantic Sapphire’s total outstanding shares, according to a stock exchange announcement.

As a function of the private placement held in Atlantic Sapphire the following week, specifically on September 16, in which the EGA did not participate, their stake was diluted to 9.17 per-cent of the land-based salmon farmer’s total number of shares.

The US hedge fund, registered in Summit, New Jersey, is thus Atlantic Sapphire’s second-largest owner, after Alsco, the investment company of the two founders Johan E. Andreassen and Bjørn-Vegard Løvik.

Evermore Global Advisors manages assets of USD 1.1 billion on behalf of seven customers.


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