UK Election: Salmon producers demand loosening of immigration rules

Editorial Staff

The sector also wants to see an improvement in the UK’s relationship with the EU, with a clear focus on the nation’s export businesses and less red tape for the supply chains on both sides of the English channel.

The trade body for Scottish salmon, the UK’s largest food export, has published a manifesto ahead of the general election on July 4. Salmon Scotland has shared its detailed policy requests with all major political parties in advance of their manifesto publications.

The sector is advocating for a more enlightened approach to labor movement into the UK, recognizing the unique challenges faced by coastal and rural farming communities, according to the manifesto. This includes changes to key worker definitions and a broader public signal that the UK is open to foreign workers.

Salmon Scotland also seeks an improved relationship with the EU, emphasizing the need for less red tape in supply chains and advocating for the implementation of electronic export health certificates (EHCs) to reduce paperwork. The current export processes are costing salmon farmers an estimated £3 million annually since Brexit.

Additionally, the trade body urges the Scottish and UK governments to collaborate on addressing Scotland’s housing emergency, ensuring affordable accommodation is available close to workplaces, particularly in rural and coastal areas.

Tavish Scott, Chief Executive of Salmon Scotland, stated, “The Scottish salmon sector is a global success story. By growing salmon, we’re growing Scotland, employing thousands and generating vital wealth for our country. We want all parties to support Scottish salmon, our top food export, and deliver policies that help us grow responsibly. We need the next UK government to work more closely with the Edinburgh administration to realize the true potential of the blue economy and ensure Scotland remains a leader in low-carbon protein farming.”


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