UK salmon sales volumes plummet amid surging prices – NielsenIQ Data

UK salmon sales volumes have plummeted 9.2 percent over the 52-week period.

Rising salmon prices are adversely impacting its sales volumes at UK retail outlets, with the latest NielsenIQ ScanTrack data from UK seafood trade association Seafish highlighting a notable decline.

Over the 52-week period ending Sep. 9, salmon sales volumes plummeted 9.2 percent to 73,988 metric tons. In contrast, sales value witnessed a modest uptick of 3.2 percent reaching £1.24 billion, attributed to a significant 13.7 percent surge in the average price per kilo for salmon, now standing at £19.81.

Unit sales echo this trend, having declined by 9.5 percent to 278 million, whilst the average price per unit swelled by 14 percent to £4.48.

Breaking it down, fresh or chilled salmon sales were hit the hardest, plummeting 10.2 percent in volume to 52,599 metric tons. The corresponding increase in the average price per kilo was over 15 percent, settling at £21.37, and unit prices too mirrored this upswing, increasing by 15.2 percent to £4.67.

The frozen salmon segment didn’t fare much better. Sales volume contracted by 1.9 percent to 6,862 metric tons. The silver lining for producers; the average price per kilo and per unit grew by 9.1 percent and 8.3 percent to £10.37 and £3.86 respectively.

The smoked salmon segment confronted a double whammy of decreasing volume and value. The former saw a 14.8 percent decrement, amounting to 12,384 metric tons, while the latter diminished by 5.1 percent to £379.2 million. Despite this, the average price per kilo rose by 11.5 percent to reach £30.62, and unit price experienced a 9.9 percent uplift, hitting £4.14.


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