UK’s biggest supermarket chain to axe fresh fish counters

Tesco is to axe up to 15,000 jobs by closing fish, meat and delicatessen counters across its largest stores.

The supermarket chain could chop up to 15,000 jobs as it gets rid of its fresh and prepared food counters industry, sources told MailOnline.

90 jobs at its fish counters are now confirmed to be culled as they have high staff costs.

The closures and cutbacks are said to be part of chief executive Dave Lewis’ attempts to save £1.5bn in costs by 2020. According to Bloomberg, Lewis is approaching crunch time for meeting his target of a group operating margin of between 3.5 percent and 4 percent by February 2020.

Tesco has 732 stores with a typical large shop having five fish mongers, five butchers, as well as six deli and cheese counter workers.


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