Invention to kill salmon lice larva with ultrasound will now be tested for the first time

Editorial staff

Kjell Hansen (74) from the company Giga, is the man behind the patented technology Salmosafe. The invention is to be used in the aquaculture industry and is based on the disinfection of seawater by using ultrasound.

SalmonBusiness discussed the patented technology in detail in 2018. Using ultrasonic cleaning of dense cages, Hansen believes you can get rid of both salmon larvae and other microorganisms.

In 2018, Hansen said the plan was to make a test cage by March-April the following year, as well as establishing a separate branch in the same place. He also stated that the company was in collaborating with Cermaq Norway in Oslo.

It was also mentioned that the investments would initially amount to EUR 0,5 million, but no investors were in place.

But now the technology will be examined by Scandinavia’s largest independent research group.

“I patented the technology in the fall of 2018, and it will now be tested at SINTEF in Trondheim. Recently, I was with the Research Council and talked about my plans, and they were convinced,” Hansen tells Finansavisen.



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