Under new brand name, Mowi Scotland harvests organic salmon for first time

editorial staff

Will be sold under Scottish Organic Salmon Company brand.

Mowi Scotland is harvesting organic salmon for the first time to capitalise on demand, it writes in its newsletter the Scoop.

The organic salmon market is still relatively small, however, it is hoped that by increasing the supply of organic salmon, Mowi can accelerate the market, explained Mowi Ireland sales and processing director Pat Connors.

The fish are grown at Loch Ewe, and the organic certification from the Soil Association.

“From our 20 years of experience of producing and selling organic salmon, we know that retailers are reluctant to push it to the same extent as conventional salmon because there just isn’t the same guaranteed continuity of supply. Mowi has been confident of supplying organic salmon for nine months of the year, now with the additional Scottish organic volumes, we are confident that we can have continuity of supply 52 weeks of the year,” added Connors.

The Scottish organic salmon will be sold by the Mowi Organic team in Ireland under the newly created brand, the Scottish Organic Salmon Company.

Mowi head of sales Georgina Wright said: “It makes complete sense to sell our Scottish organic salmon through our existing highly experienced organic sales team in Ireland. It is a high-value product which requires in-depth knowledge of organic standards.

“One box of organic product requires the same focus and detail as an entire truck of our conventional salmon so by using the expertise we already have we are establishing one clear voice and strategy for Mowi Organic,” she added.


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