Unions fear major job losses after Agrosuper-AquaChile deal

Union leaders at AquaChile held a meeting with AquaChile chairman Victor Hugo Puchi.

Employees at AquaChile are fearing for their jobs, after it was known that Agrosuper agrees to buy AquaChile in an acquisition worth $850 million.

One of the union leaders, Gloria Yaneth Mansilla of Sindicato Trabajadores Unidos , told Soy Chile that Puchi urged the staff to keep calm. According to Mansilla, Puchi said that “the deal would be something positive for all”.

But Puchi admitted that they that he is not sure what will happen after the change of ownership. 

That concern is shared by Víctor Devia, union leader of Sindicato de Trabajadores N ° 1 , which represents 200 employees.

“The future is uncertain,” he said.

It is expected that the takeover could happen early 2019.


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