Unique drone footage of collapsed Cooke Aquaculture farm

Videos show how the facility looks after the incident where a fish farm collapsed.

Yesterday SalmonBusiness reported that Cooke had begun a massive cleanup after the fish farm that collapsed on the 20th of August.

SalmonBusiness has now gained access to drone videos that show the disturbing scenes after Cooke Aquaculture’s net pens broke.

(The article continues under the video)


According to Associated Press (AP), local fishermen have captured 20,000 Atlantic salmon that escaped after the farm collapsed. In total the nets contained around 305,000 fish.

In an email to SalmonBusiness, Chuck Brown, the Communications Manager of Cooke Aquaculture, writes that the company will be conducting a full internal review to determine what caused this incident.

Cooke will work together with a multi-agency team that will also be conducting a full investigation.

(The article continues under the video)


Chuck Brown is clear about the purpose of the review.

“Our goal is to make sure nothing like this happens again,” he states.



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