‘Until then, there is a job to be done here’: Departing CEO leads search for replacement

Editorial Staff

“We need someone who can be on site and lead the harvest facility going forward.”

Salten Aqua’s search for a new general manager for its processing facility at Søarnøy in Nordland has commenced following the departure of Roy-Tore Rikardsen, who accepted a managing director position at Ice Fish Farm in Iceland.

Rikardsen, committed to ensuring a smooth transition, will assist in the selection process before joining his new role.

“I am starting a new job as managing director of Ice Fish Farm. Until then, there is a job to be done here on Søarrnøy at Salten N950. We have put behind us a year in which we have developed a lot, and we want a smooth transition when we get a new general manager in place,” said Rikardsen in a press release last week.

Salten opened a new salmon plant in the summer of 2021. The company reports a positive production trend since its inception, with more than 30,000 metric tons of salmon harvested in 2023.

The company’s chairman, Jarle Solemdal, emphasizes the importance of finding the right candidate and aims to have someone in place before summer.

“We need someone who can be on site and lead the harvest facility going forward. For us, it is important to find the right person for the job and that we get a good transition period. We expect to have a candidate in place before the summer,” said Solemdal.

Salten N950, which experienced positive production growth, has prioritized recruitment efforts, including providing housing accommodations to facilitate the relocation of new employees.


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