Salmon giant up €1.5bn over the last six months

Aslak Berge

Marine Harvest has never been valued higher than today, despite no lack of negative recommendations.

Yesterday, DNB Markets downgraded the stock, Sparebank1 Markets gained profit a few weeks before that, and Nordea Markets has kept its thumb down most of the year.

Other investment banks, including ABG Sundal Collier and Arctic Securities, have shrugged their shoulders and given neutral recommendations.

Price development for Marine Harvest so far in 2017. Illustration: Nordnet

The key is predictions of increased global slaughter volumes; as a result, the market has seen falling salmon prices, while brokerage houses have advised customers to find better investment alternatives in other sectors.

Nevertheless, Marine Harvest has currently soared to its highest price quotation ever.

The salmon giant is today valued at €8.3bn, after rising 1.2 percent on a negative Oslo Stock Exchange.

Pareto Securities is one of the few brokerage houses that has a purchase recommendation for Marine Harvest – and has long been positive about the stock. The brokerage house believes there is more mileage to make, and has a price target of NOK 185 (€19.7) per share.


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