Up to 50,000 fish escape from Cermaq trout farm

editorial staff

“We are working closely with all relevant authorities in handling the situation and we will review the exact causes of the escape”.

Chilean fishing authority Sernapesca reports that it received a notification that rainbow trout escaped at Mitsubishi-owned Cermaq Chile farm in the Magallanes Region, southern Chile.

The publication Aqua.cl reported that up to 40,000-50,00 fish escaped.

Cermaq Chile wrote that evidence of fish was found outside one of the cages during routine work. It claimed that adverse weather conditions that occurred over the weekend causing mesh breakage in a cage.

Inspectors went to the site to verify if Cermaq had followed measures indicated in the current regulations, including the Contingency Plan and fish recapture.

The farm was in the process of harvesting and the fish weighed approximately 3.3 kg.


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