Up to two years in prison: Icelandic Food Authority calls for investigation into Mowi-owned salmon company

Editorial staff

If found guilty of negligence, company executives could face fines or even prison sentences. 

Iceland’s veterinary authority has called for an official investigation into alleged breaches of aquaculture laws by salmon farmer Arctic Sea Farm, the authority announced on Tuesday.

Last August, the company, a subsidiary of Mowi-owned Arctic Fish, reported two breaches at their cage site near Kvígindisdal in Patreksfjörður.

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According to Article 22 of the laws, executives and managing directors of aquaculture license holders may face fines or imprisonment up to two years, especially in severe cases, if farmed fish escape from a facility where negligence in aquaculture equipment occurs due to deliberate actions or carelessness.

The Vestfjords police department is currently handling the case, and the Icelandic Food Authority is not providing further details on the matter at this time.


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